Product Description

Application: Vernier Control is the premium mechanical control for setting engine RPM, controlling regulating valves or for other precise remote adjustments. This latest design offers a larger grip for easier feel and two internal ball-bearings for smoother adjustment.

Fixed type: panel

Distance of holes: 100mm

Material of gear, rack: Powder metallurgy or 45 steel

Material of shell: Aluminum alloy

Material of spline: 45 steel, after processing, quality firmer

Function: Locking at any position, trimming by rotating handle, control one push-pull calbe or pull cable.

1. Detachable throttle control

2. Compact structure; neat installation; more flexible operation.

3. Mode of motion: microadjustment by rotating; press the button to make big push-pull adjustment.

4. Self-locking when stop operation, can not move with vibration.

5. Maximum push-pull effort: 25kg.


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