PublishTime: 2021-02-23 17:29:55

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Flexible stranded steel cable is used in applications that require the transmission of forces in tension only. Flexible conduit and pull cable or push cable are used for greater freedom in routing allowing for smaller bend radii in some installations. Many installations feature an integral return spring to keep a specified load on the cable and to return the cable or mechanism to its original position after activation. Our pull-pull control cables permit the use of most standard fittings allowing for a very wide range of mounting and retaining options.

Analysis and review of the proposed control cable function will determine which product, pull-pull or push-pull control, is required for a given application. Consideration and definition of potential system variables, such as load, routing friction, stretch, set, effects of bends on length (lost motion), temperature, environment, and exposure to contaminants will aid in the design of an acceptable control cable.

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