Steel Wire Rope Information

PublishTime: 2020-08-31 13:25:35

Steel wire rope information:

The constitutive element of the steel wire rope is the wire. It is obtained form the wire rod, by the operation of drawing. The assembly of several wires arranged helically around a central core composed of a metal wire or textile fiber, constitutes the strand. The rope is the set of a number of strands that are arranged around a textile or metal core through the stranding operation. The strands, before this step, are subjected to the preformation. This operation allows to give them the helical shape that they will assume in the final formation of the rope.


Main technical specification:

1. Diameter

2. Construction

3. Breaking load



The diameter of the rope is the diameter of the circle circumscribed to the normal section of the rope.


The construction of a rope indicates its composition. The stranded ropes are identified, pointing out the following:
- The number of strands composing the rope 
- The number of wires composing each strand 
- The type of the core

We main produce 1*7, 1*19, 7*7 and 7*19 types.


Breaking load

The breaking load is the maximum force or stress that a rope can support before arriving at break. 
- Minimum breaking load guaranteed: it defines the scope of the rope and it applies to effects of the accident prevention regulations.
Effective breaking load: is obtained in the breaking test traction of a length of rope.





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