push pull inner wire data

PublishTime: 2020-08-26 13:17:59

Push applications are the most difficult to accomplish with ordinary cable assemblies because of the required column strength of the wire or cable core. our push pull inner wire product can perfect to solve this issue. 

  1. In all but the lightest of loads, a solid wire or specially constructed core materials must be used for pushing applications. A 1×7 or 1×19 or 1+12 construction push-pull inner wire can used for load applications

  2. The routing in the final application needs to have as few bends or turns as possible with large radii.

  3. Working loads should be highest in the pull direction. In the compression mode the loads need to be specified at 56% of the pull load.

  4. The travel dimension should be limited to 15cm or less.

  5. Remember that the amount of cable travel will be dependent upon the total number of bends in the system as well as the difference between push-pull inner wire outside diameter and push-pull outer cable inside diameter. This is known as lost motion in the cable assembly. 

  6. CMA has a large number of plastic molded and steel swaged conduit end fittings to simplify your mating construction design. Custom molded conduit end fittings can also be considered.

  7. The alignment of the push-pull outer cable as it exits the conduit to the final attachment point must be as straight as possible.

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