PublishTime: 2020-10-12 12:45:19

It’s in our name; at Donyorg control cable & steel wire rope, we manufacture cable. We like to define cable as: multiple strands that are laid together helically and symmetrically arranged in multiple layers with uniform pitch or lay.

Essentially, cable is a thick, strong wire rope made up of multiple wire strands twisted together. Because of its construction, you may often hear people refer to “cable” and “steel wire rope” interchangeably.

Steel wire rope has countless uses. Among the most popular include:

1. Pushing and pulling                       2. Lifting

3. Suspending                                    4. Hanging

5. Securing                                      6. Mooring

7. Tie-down                                       8. Reeling

9. Winding                                         10. Rotating

11. Supporting                                   12. Connecting

13. Braking                                        14. Controlling

15. Restraining


Our Custom steel wire rope

We offer a wide variety of custom wire rope products, including but not limited to:

  • Braided Wire

  • Decorative steel wire rope

  • Small Diameter steel wire rope

  • Steel wire rope

At Donyorg control cable & steel wire rope, we have at our disposal many different potential cable materials, including:

  • Stainless Steel (corrosion resistant and strong)

  • High Carbon Steel (very strong)

  • Brass Plated Steel (strong, adheres well to rubber)

  • Copper Clad Steel (strong, conductive)

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